Polar Vantage V Titan – One Of The Toughest Sport Watches Out There

Are you thinking of getting a new Polar Vantage V Titan?

Check out this short article to learn more about the features that watch offers and get to know what users say about this versatile watch.

Polar Vantage V Titan

Vantage V Titan combines extensive training features and the latest sports tech innovations with premium materials and streamlined design. Enjoy the premium look & feel and maximize your performance with the cutting-edge wrist-based heart rate, training load & recovery tracking, and running power measurement.


To promote this watch, Polar came up with a great slogan.

Athletes are made of blood, sweat, and data… and a touch of titanium.

And yes. Polar Vantage V Titanium is tough. The titanium case makes this Polar heart rate monitor watch one of the lightest and most durable multisport watches on the market. The textured two-color sports wristband provides both a premium look and feel.

Polar Vantage V Titan
Polar Vantage V Titan


Polar Vantage V Titan Designed for athletes who pay attention to every detail.

It combines extensive training features and the latest sports tech innovations with premium materials and design.

Training Load Pro & Recovery Pro

Get a comprehensive view of how your training sessions strain your body in different ways. Avoid overtraining and injuries, and follow your recovery level on a daily and longer-term basis. Recovery Pro requires a Polar H10 HR sensor.

What People Say

I am glad I have given a chance again to Polar one more time. I am happy using it, I wearing when training at first with a second watch to compare them , I can tell you based on my experience This it the best watch ever . Good luck making your mind. I wish I could have read a review like this before buying Suunto 9 Baro.

Happy Customer

Battery life is amazing and very light

Happy Customer

I’m using this as a 24/7 fitness tracker. In addition to tracking Crossfit workouts and recovery. The recovery and training load features are fantastic. I’ve used a lot of fitness tracker products and this one is by far the best.

Happy Customer

I started with the Vantage M and upgraded to the V for the superior build quality and pro features.

Happy Customer

Polar Vantage V Titan Price

Titanium edition costs 509.96 USD and it’s the price after a discount. Original price is 599.95 USD.

Definitely Polar Vantage V Titan is one of the most expensive trackers out there, but considering durability, quality and features – it’s absolutely worth its price.